Secure Your Children’s Digital Space


There are so many unsafe things currently on the internet that our children access without our knowledge. Parents take control and make the internet safe for your children.

Enroll in this class today and discover how to manage internet access duration and content preferences for your children effectively

What We Offer

  • An intensive practical session where parents become skilled in configuring their children’s devices and having virtual control.
  • Detailed Training Guide
  • One week detailed post-training support

Content/Application Control

We empower parents to manage and regulate the content and applications accessible on devices, particularly for children’s safety and appropriate usage. 

Limiting Access Time

Tailoring screen time limits to a child’s age and developmental stage is essential for their overall well-being and healthy digital habits.

Real Time Approvals by Parents

Ensuring parents  review and authorize certain actions or requests from their children in real-time. It allows parents to maintain control and oversight over their children’s online activities and make informed decisions about granting permissions.

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